Understanding NCQA’s New PHM Accreditation Category


Thursday, May 17

1:00 p.m. EDT

Join SPH Analytics for a free webinar about the new Population Health Management (PHM) category for NCQA 2018 Health Plan Accreditation.
The webinar will feature a special guest speaker from NCQA:
Natalie Mueller, MPH, Product Development Manager
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Topics will Include:
  • Overview of the new PHM Category
    • PHM 1: PHM Strategy
    • PHM 2: Population Identification
    • PHM 3: Delivery System Supports
    • PHM 4: Wellness and Prevention
    • PHM 5: Complex Case Management
    • PHM 6: PHM Impact
  • Understanding the PHM 2 Standard
    • Element A: Data Integration (NEW)
    • Element B: Population Assessment
    • Element C: Activities and Resource
    • Element D: Segmentation (NEW)
  • Strategies to meet PHM Category requirements
  • Automated population health care gap identification and risk stratification
  • Q&A Session

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