Coffee Talk Recordings

  • Coffee Talk Edition 71:02:39

    Coffee Talk Edition 7

    Suzanne, Amanda, Beth, and Amy visited our three largest SPH offices (Fort Worth, Duluth, and Farmington Hills). Over the course of the three visits, they met with more than 150 associates. The focus

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  • Coffee Talk Edition 653:19

    Coffee Talk Edition 6

    This session will cover the following MyPG topics: What is MyPG? What is an intranet? How is MyPG different from OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams? What are MyPG’s most important features? How

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  • Coffee Talk Edition 51:02:26

    Coffee Talk Edition 5

    This session focuses will specifically on the integration approach for our payer business unit. Our guests for this session will include: Darren Dworkin, Chief Strategy Officer. Darren oversees Pre

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  • Coffee Talk Edition 458:44

    Coffee Talk Edition 4

    This session focuses on providing more clarity about personnel related matters that evolve or change as part of integration. Our guests for this session will include: Kim Shrigley, Senior Vice Pres

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  • Coffee Talk Edition 348:23

    Coffee Talk Edition 3

    This session focuses on offering greater perspective on our future vision for both our Payer and Provider business units. Our interview guests will include: Jodie Cunningham, General Manager of the

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  • Coffee Talk Edition 244:44

    Coffee Talk Edition 2

    This second session will focus on the immediate value creation our clients can take advantage of now that we are part of Press Ganey. Coffee Talk guests will include: • Adam Higman, Partner, Strate

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  • Coffee Talk  Edition 147:42

    Coffee Talk Edition 1

    In the first Coffee Talk we will focus on these questions: 1. How are we tackling integration? 2. Who from SPH is involved? 3. Is there an overall timeline for milestones and expectations? 4. How

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