Coffee Talk Edition 7

November 16, 2021

Suzanne Cogan, Amanda Holland, Beth Heck, and Amy Pajakowski recently visited our three largest SPH offices (Fort Worth, Duluth, and Farmington Hills). Over the course of the three visits, they met with more than 150 associates. The focus of this Coffee Talk is to recap these visits. Specifically, we want to make sure that the feedback and information shared in small sessions is universally available to all associates… Plus, we want to make sure that you are aware of answers to some of your key questions and actions coming from the ideas shared during the sessions. 

Our guests for this session will include:

  • Suzanne Cogan, General Manager, Payer Solutions
  • Amanda Holland, SVP, Integrated Solutions
  • Beth Heck, VP, Account Management
  • Mike Remley, VP, Phone Center Operations
  • Lou Hickey, SVP, Enterprise Production Operations
  • Eric Myers, VP, Centers of Excellence
  • Amy Pajakowski, Director, Enterprise Quality
  • Lee Brooks, VP, Payer Product Management

This session will cover questions like:

  • What were key take-aways you gained from the sessions?
  • Were there any misperceptions to which you want to speak more broadly?
  • What are some action items taken from the discussions?
  • And what is our timing to deliver on these commitments?
  • How can associates make sure their voice is leveraged in the future?
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