Current MIPS / MACRA information can be found at this link. 

With all the information out there about MACRA, SPH simplifies this information with a quick A to Z explanation of MACRA.

Attention Healthcare... System overhaul imminent, no matter what don't panic.

Just know MACRA A to Z. Brace Yourself... Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APM's) excluded from MIPS. Bonus Payment.

Categories for 2017 MIPS Reimbursement Quality (60%). Improvement Activities (15%), Advancing Care Information (25%) (resource use/cost starting in 2018).

Data Submission for MIPS avoid negative payment adjustment in 2019.

Eligible clinicians = Medicare Part B Payment Recipients. Fee-for Service (FFS) to Value-Based Payment (VBP) - that's the point. Get there through healthcare transformation, remember to breathe... individual or group reporting options. Join an ACO participating in an APM . Key Drivers for the Triple Aim.

Look back period = 2 years. 2019 reimbursement adjustments begin, 2017 data collection starts prepare now.

Merit-Based-Incentive Payment System also known as MIPS. Don't do it and you get negative Payment Adjustment. Options for Participation - pick you pace.

PQRS replaced with MIPS. So understand your Measures. Value Based Care is here. What should you do now?

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